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Precision Machining Solution

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Precision Machining

Precision Machining Solution

  World Precision has many high-precision machining equipment and first-class technical personnel, and has strong production and testing capabilities.

● Has more than 300 high-precision CNC machine tools and testing equipment, such as: DMG, MAZAK, MAKINO, SODICK, NAGASHIMA, STAR, ZEISS, HEXAGON, ACCRETECH and many other international high-end brands;

● Processing equipment includes five-axis linkage high-precision CNC, turning-milling compound, horizontal machining center, four-axis linkage CNC, three-axis high-precision CNC, CNC lathe, centering machine, W/C slow wire walking and EDM, high-precision CNC grinding machine , Large-scale CNC, heat treatment equipment, etc;

● Detection equipment includes three-coordinate measuring instrument, roundness instrument, profile instrument, image measuring instrument, spectrometer, altimeter, tensile testing machine, etc., with complete supporting capabilities for precision parts processing procedures, Provide one-stop express service.


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Bearing Mount

Material: Titanium Alloy

Size: φ60x50mm

Process: Lathe, CNC, Flat Grinding, EDM

Circular runout: 0.006mm
Cylindricity: 0.005mm
Concentricity: 0.006mm
Flatness: 0.006mm
Dimensional Tolerance: ±0.03mm

Mechanism Indexing Wheel

Material: Steel

Size: φ75x600mm

Process: lathe, milling machine, CNC, wire cutting

Concentricity: 0.05mm
Straightness: 0.03mm
Dimensional Tolerance: ±0.01mm

Fan Impeller

Material: Titanium Alloy

Size: φ255x106mm

Process: lathe, CNC

Roundness: 0.005mm
Round runout: 0.008mm
Profile: 0.05mm
Dimensional tolerance: ±0.01mm

Motor Mounting Shaft

Material: Aluminum

Size: φ40x50mm

Process: lathe, CNC, wire cutting

Concentricity: 0.01mm
Position: 0.20mm
Dimensional Tolerance: ±0.01mm

Motor Base

Material: Aluminum

Size: φ85x240mm

Process: lathe, milling machine, CNC

Concentricity: 0.02mm
Verticality: 0.02mm
Symmetry: 0.02mm
Dimensional Tolerance: ±0.01mm

Main Case

Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: 35x40x85mm

Process: CNC, wire cutting
Profile: 0.05mm

Position: 0.01mm
Flatness: 0.01mm
Parallelism: 0.02
Perpendicularity: 0.02
Dimensional Tolerance: ±0.01mm