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Opening Ceremony Of WORLD PRECISION Industrial Park
August 8 is the beginning of autumn
Inheriting the wind from all sides, it should be expected by all
WORLD PRECISION Industrial Park put into service


Opening Ceremony Of WORLD PRECISION Industrial Park was grandly held . President Of WORLD PRECISON Mr. Ren brought the company's leadership, management cadres at all levels, heads of subsidiaries and elite representatives, etc. Attend this ceremony and witness this important historical moment together.

The sky is clear and the sky is blue
WORLD PRECISION Industrial Park is full of colorful flags and flowers 
Facing the rising sun, we are solemn and full of energy
Facing the office building neatly lined up


9:18 am

The host announced the official start of the ceremony

Mr. Ren Xiangyang, President of World Precision

Announced the new headquarter to put into service


Afterwards, Mr. Ren delivered a passionate speech. He said, "First of all, I would like to thank all the shareholders and thank you for your trust in me. At the same time, I would like to thank all the partners on site. It is everyone's joint efforts that have made WORLD PRECISION today. Finally, I would like to thank the government for its strong support . I am more confident and hope that in the days to come, everyone will work together to carry forward the WORLD PRECISION.”


Under the leadership of Mr. Ren
Everybody at the scene shouted " open the door" together
Shouts resound through the sky


WeChat picture_20230808101552.jpg

Firecrackers were fired at the scene, red crumbs were flying, and thunderous applause
Turn a new page for WORDL PRECISION
Proud and excited to go to a new future

The auspicious hour knocks, the door opens
President Of WORLD PRECISON Mr. Ren, leads the company's leadership
Step into the office building of WORLD PRECISION Industrial Park

WeChat picture_20230808101044.jpg


Opening Ceremony in the presence of all witnesses
President Of WORLD PRECISON Mr. Ren, with the leadership of the company
Jointly inaugurated the WORLD PRECISION Industrial Park
Red silk falls, fireworks bloom
Push the atmosphere of the audience to a climax





△President Of WORLD PRECISON Mr. Ren, with shareholders and senior management team

Group photo at the front desk of  WORLD PRECISION Industrial Park