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Production Line Fixture Solution

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Test Fixture

Production line fixture solution

    Standardized modular design, non-standard customization in the industry, quick replacement of the wire body, short design cycle and fast delivery, which can meet the needs of customers for rapid sample and mass production

● SAP system, can monitor the production process at any time, and the production can be controlled

● Strong precision machining capability and guaranteed delivery of fixtures

    Proofing stage: delivery within 5 days for simple fixtures, 10-15 days for medium fixtures, and 20 days for complex fixtures.

    Mass production stage: weekly delivery capacity of test fixtures is more than 1920 sets (fixture assembly time is 20H/set)

● Rich experience in micro-needle testing: In terms of micro-needle testing of male and female connectors, the false detection rate is less than 2% and the service life is long.

● The modular design of test automation loading and unloading equipment is compatible with different sizes of objects to be tested, reducing the cost of transformation caused by product upgrades and reducing labor costs.