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Warm congratulations to World Intelligent Industrial Park for its golden crown

On the morning of January 14, 2022, the high-profile Dongguan World Intelligent Industrial Park held a grand capping ceremony! At the construction site, colorful flags fluttered in the wind, gongs and drums were deafening, and the entire ceremony site was newly decorated, presenting a festive and peaceful atmosphere.


After more than 500 days of joint efforts, all the staff overcame the difficulties with quality assurance, safety assurance, high standards and high efficiency.Steady progress in construction progress. Now World Intelligent Industrial Park is happy to seal the golden top, It marks an important stage victory for the construction project.


The entire project covers an area of more than 30 acres and is divided into three buildings

The main building has 23 floors, and the two annex buildings are 8 floors high

The total construction interview is 110,000 square meters

At around 9:30, Chairman and Executive President Ren of World Precision, General Manager of Construction Engineering Group Ms. Chen, Vice President Yao, Vice President Chen, Vice President Huang and other company leaders and special guests attended the capping ceremony, witness this exciting and important moment together.

1642583266123155.jpg      1642583274204929.jpg

1642583294835936.jpg      1642583303835415.jpg

Ms. Chen Fenglan, general manager of Construction Engineering Group, came to the stage to deliver a speech. Thanks to every builder who participated in the project. And said that in the subsequent construction, All participants will be more enthusiastic, Fully grasp the "quality, safety and progress" construction of the project, ensure that the World intelligent manufacturing industry project is completed on schedule!


Ren Xiangyang, President of World Precison, delivered a warm speech and the great assistance to all relevant departments and the hard work of the builders. We sincerely thank friends from all walks of life for their concern and support! Mr. Ren mentioned that the construction of the main structure of World Intelligent Industrial Park can be completed on schedule and with high quality, which is inseparable from the deep concern of governments at all levels and the strong support of all parties. The successful capping of the office building is of great significance! It is a memorable development milestone of World Intelligent Industrial Park. It has witnessed World Precison strength and future development blueprint, and has laid a solid foundation and strong driving force for World Precision long-term development. In the follow-up, all parties to the project should continue to carry forward the spirit of unity, cooperation and forge ahead, put the safety and quality of the project in the first place, and jointly promote the completion of the project on schedule!


Following the host's command, the capping ceremony officially started, there were firecrackers and warm applause. Mr. Ren Xiangyang, President of World Precision leads other management cadres In the countdown, everyone shoveled together, pour the last handful of concrete for the project. Cannon salutes were fired at the scene, fireworks were colorful.The capping of World Intelligent Industrial Park was successfully completed!


After the capping is completed, President Mr. Ren Xiangyang invited all the participants to take pictures on the spot, to commemorate this exciting and important moment. In a cheerful music atmosphere, the capping ceremony of World Intelligent Industrial Park was successfully completed! Congratulations to World Intelligent Industrial Park for topping out!

1642583564142919.jpg      1642583599208033.jpg

World Precison will take this staged victory as an opportunity,

Climb the heights bravely and create brilliance again,

To assume the responsibility and burden of the industry leader,

Powerful country in science and technology, winning international competition,

Supporting the economic development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area