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Our Advantage

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Our Advantage

Professional Experience

Specializing in non-standard automation system integration and intelligent equipment manufacturing, World Precision has 20+ years of technology accumulation, and has service qualifications and experience in medical, petrochemical, communications and other fields.

After long-term business exploration, World Precision has established and continuously optimized its own organizational structure. Under the global integrated economic environment, with the help of an order processing team supported by comprehensive IT technology, it can provide customers with a sense of distance.

Prompt Reaction

Based on the needs of customers, World Precision provides more timely, flexible production services. 20% of the annual hundreds of millions of dollars in precision machining and intelligent equipment manufacturing businesses has achieved fully flexible production which has ensured a very competitive delivery advantage.

Commitment to global real-time customer response without time difference and 7X24H rotating customer business processing center have ensured the fastest response to customer needs.

Interactive Manufacturing

World Precision fully implements SAP-ERP information management, and builds R&D, production, operation and quality control information systems. Customers can query project progress and change requirements in real time.

At the same time, the company provides professional demand confirmation and change management throughout the entire process to ensure a correct understanding of customer needs, and can communicate with customers 24/7 online to change designs or processes.

Reliable Partner

World Precision pays attention to the protection of customers' business secrets. We establishes an information separation wall system, which not only ensure that customers' business secrets are not leaked to the public, but also avoids direct contact with non-essential personnel within the company.

The company provides precision machining and intelligent equipment manufacturing services for customers with high information sensitivity all year round, and its respect for customers' confidential information has won high praise from customers.