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Gasket Automatic Assembly Line

Product introduction: This equipment is an automatic assembly and test production line for radiator module gaskets and conductive foams. The production line is combined into a line layout in the form of a single station. The whole line is divided into manual feeding, automatic placement, automatic thermal pressure holding, AOI automatic inspection, and manual unloading. The conveying adopts double-layer conveyor belt and carrier return method to realize material products. Conveying, the production capacity of this automated production line is 700UPH, the product yield rate is ≥99.5%, the whole line is controlled by the host computer, the robot is automatically mounted, AOI online inspection, the automatic scanning code of the product is seamlessly connected with the MES system, which can realize the whole process of product quality. Monitoring, automatic data archiving, quality traceability and quality process analysis.
Application field: Laptops, tablets, set-top boxes and other electronic devices
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Address:No. 6 Wanjiang Section, Gangkou Avenue, Wanjiang Subdistrict, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. 523061

1. Fully automatic completion of long/short Gasket and FoF placement processes, with an efficiency of 700UPH; 

2. Fully automatic completion of long/short Gasket, FoF pressure holding, and AOI inspection processes, accurate rejection of defective products, product defective rate <0.5%; 

3. The whole equipment automatically circulates up and down, each station operates at the same time, and the carrier and the product automatically scan the code and connect with the MES system, which can realize the whole process monitoring of product quality, automatic data archiving and quality analysis; 

4. Gasket and FoF are both common volumes Load incoming materials, check the CCD before and after placement, and remove bad materials; 

5. The robot mounts Gasket and FOF, with high equipment freedom and strong compatibility; 

6. The modular design of the equipment placement head can realize rapid replacement ; 

7. All working stations have auxiliary heating function, and the temperature range is automatically controlled by induction; 

8. The automatic pressure-holding station implements precise control of pressure, temperature and pressure holding time; 

9. Automatic AOI function, the placement position is controlled Comprehensive inspection and data analysis, automatic saving of inspection data;