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Headphone Motor Alignment Assembly Equipment

Product introduction: This equipment is suitable for precision dispensing and assembly of 3C electronic products such as headphones, and integrates assembly processes such as general carrier positioning, dispensing, real-time automatic alignment, assembly, and testing.
Application field: 3C electronic product industry and related industries used in dispensing assembly process.
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1. Double-channel station design, greatly improving production capacity; 

2. Dynamic dispensing control system: using ultra-precision two-component screw dispensing valve system, visual positioning, and external large-capacity glue barrels; 

3. Using high-resolution cameras The system and high-precision modules form a walking mechanism, which improves the reliability and accuracy of the whole machine; 

4. The three-axis precision screw module is assembled with visual real-time alignment, which improves the yield of the whole machine; 

5. The manipulator automatically loads;

6. High-precision pressure sensor can monitor the pressure of the indenter on the product in real time, and apply pressure to the glue continuously and steadily; 

7. It has the functions of online glue cleaning and online needle calibration; 

8. Universal carrier, with independent line External pressure holding function;