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Handle Button Feel Test

Product introduction: The device has multi-axis motion positioning, which is convenient for picking and placing products and can measure the feel values of multiple buttons at one time.
Application field: Products with physical buttons
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Address:No. 6 Wanjiang Section, Gangkou Avenue, Wanjiang Subdistrict, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. 523061

1. Simple structure and high stability;

2. It can realize USB automatic plugging and unplugging, and has strong wear resistance;

3. It can communicate data with the computer and display the key force curve in real time;

4. Calculate button Click ratio value;

5. with abnormal alarm and emergency stop button;

6. With test running status indicator;

7. Three-axis high-precision motor positioning, easy to pick and place products;

8. There are two hands to start the test button, and the foolproof effect is good;

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