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Compass Test Fixture

Product introduction: The device is suitable for compass testing of mobile phones, tablet computers, and smart wearable devices.
Application field: Mobile phones, tablets, smart wearable devices
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1. When the double-layer shielding box shields the external magnetic field, three sets of coils in the three directions of X/Y/Z are used to simulate the uniform magnetic field in three directions. Place the center of the object to be measured at the center of the 3-axis magnetic field. Under the condition of changing the size and direction of the coil current, the size and direction of the magnetic field are changed, so as to calibrate and test the compass sensor of the measured object;

2. Magnetic field range: 0-3000mGs;

3. Magnetic field accuracy: 3000±3mGs;

4. Shielding method: double shielding;

5. Communication method: serial port;

6. Action mode: manual/pneumatic;

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