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Wireless Router Coding, Palletizing and Packaging line

Product introduction: This equipment is suitable for the packaging of wireless WiFi 6 products. The main function is to put the router into the color box, and then palletize the color boxes into (2 rows, 6 columns in each row, a total of 12 color boxes) into the carton. It mainly involves the labeling of the router, the labeling of the color box, and the labeling of the carton; the color box is automatically delivered to the equipment terminal by the AGV; the router is manually loaded into the color box, and the color box is automatically packed; the carton is automatically unpacked and Packing, sealing, and palletizing of cartons; AGV transports the cartons out.
Application field: Packaging process application of similar products of wireless WiFi6 router
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1. According to the scanned product label, the backup label is printed online and automatically attached to the surface of the router; 

2. The AGV automatically distributes the color box to the equipment dock for docking; 

3. Automatically opens the upper cover of the color box and provides a working platform for manual assembly; 

4. Scan the product information according to the manual position, automatically print the code to the side of the color box, and automatically attach the sealing label and the restriction label; 

5. Automatically open the carton, and the product is automatically packed; 

6. Automatically scan the product information in the carton, and print the carton online. The label is attached to the side of the carton, and the carton is sealed at the same time; 

7. The carton is automatically palletized as required;

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