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Relay Automatic Production Line

Product introduction: The equipment realizes the fully automatic assembly of the relay, fully automatic BASE, hinge C terminal with C shrapnel, M terminal hinge with M shrapnel, assemble coil, iron core, armature, assemble CARD, adjust GP value, blow air and dust, dip Tin, dispensing, testing, marking, etc.
Application field: Air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, small appliances, range hoods, water heaters
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1. Fully automatically complete the process of hinged C terminal and C shrapnel, M terminal and M shrapnel, and assembled C terminal and M terminal on the base after hinged, with an efficiency of 1.2s/piece; 

2. Fully automatic completion of the The process of forming the magnetic circuit after shaping the iron core, coil, and assembling together, the efficiency is 1.2s/piece; 

3. The process of assembling the push piece and the coil base is automatically completed, and the efficiency is 1.2s/piece; 

4. Automatically complete the statistics of the test data for the relay mechanical (FOLLOW) parameter test, and display the total number of tests, the number of qualified, the number of unqualified, the qualified rate and the unqualified rate;

5. Automatically complete the product magnetic circuit and foreign matter blowing out of the shell, and automatically cover the shell;

6. Solder the relay pins, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.1mm; 

7. Automatically complete the electrical parameter detection of the relay, such as resistance, withstand voltage, pull-in and release voltage, and aging test; 

8. Automatically complete the base dispensing tank part;

9. Complete the automatic hot riveting sealing of the ventilation holes of the relay shell; 

10. Check the sealing effect of the product; 

11. Automatically complete the mechanical aging of the relay; 

12 .Automatically complete the electrical parameter detection of the relay, including electric cleaning; 

13.Automatically complete the laser marking of the shell marks of various specifications;

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