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Auto Remote Control Antenna Assembly Line

Product introduction: Auto remote control antenna assembly line is mainly used for the production of auto remote control antenna, involving product assembly, testing, packaging, etc. The main machines are: housing line, curing line, EC test machine, Pin test machine, Laser & OCR machine, Clip assemble machine, Packine machine
Application field: Automotive electronics industry and products with related processes
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1. The Housing line is mainly for product assembly, including Housing loading, Seal loading, Seal ring assemble, Sealing ring checking , Potting, Resin level checking, Carrier assemble, Pin height checking, Cap assemble and checking, Product transfer device, the production speed of the whole line is 2.4s/pcs; 

2. Curing line mainly cures the products from the Housing line;

3. EC test machine is mainly to test the electrical properties of the product; 

4. Pin test machine is mainly to test the height and position of the pins; 

5. Laser) & OCR machine is mainly used for laser engraving and character detection on products; 

6. Clip assemble machine is mainly to add fixing clips to products; 

7. Packine machine is mainly for product packaging and output;

8. The automatic assembly line of car remote control antenna integrates camera detection system, laser detection system, laser and OCR system, height detection system, with fast speed (2.4s/pcs), high precision (0.02mm), etc., and can increase the number of products Confident tracking function and connection with MES system;

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