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Automatic Film Wrapping Machine

Product introduction: The equipment uses cold-stretched sleeve film for top-down automatic sleeve filming of stacked products.
Application field: It is used in various industries to automatically wrap the products stacked on the pallet.
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1. The AGV trolley automatically sends the palletized battery pack pallets into the feeding conveyor line;

2. The centering mechanisms on both sides of the conveying line center the pallet, and enter the filming station after checking the height;

3. The film release mechanism at the top automatically releases the film to the required length according to the measured height, and then automatically seals the film and cuts the film;

4. The automatic film suction mechanism sucks and opens the film opening, and the film pulling mechanism extends into the film opening and automatically receives the film and then stretches;

5. The automatic film wrapping mechanism wraps the stretched film bag into the finished cells and pallets stacked in the foam tray;

6. After the film is completed, the automatic conveying line sends out the battery products stacked on the pallet to the exit of the discharging conveying line, waiting for the AGV car to transport;

7. The automatic film sealing mechanism is equipped with a real-time temperature monitoring system to ensure the reliability of the sealing film;

8. The whole process of automatic operation, without personnel operation;

9. Each motion unit is equipped with high-performance positioning and safety sensors to ensure the safety of products and equipment;

10. There are safety fences on the periphery to ensure the safety of personnel;