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Speaker automatic installation machine

Product introduction: The equipment is suitable for precision dispensing and assembly of 3C electronic products such as speakers and woofers. It integrates assembly processes such as positioning, preheating, dispensing, mounting and testing.
Application field: 3C electronic product industry and related industries used in dispensing assembly process.
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1. Dynamic dispensing control system: using the hot melt glue precision injection valve of the super large capacity glue bucket (300ML), it can store more glue, and the double dispensing head design is adopted to improve the efficiency of the equipment;

2. The preheating system is used to make the glue in the glue barrel evenly heated, to ensure the fluidity of the glue and the sealing of the product; 

3. The high-resolution camera system and high-precision modules are used to form a walking mechanism, which improves the reliability and performance of the whole machine;

4. The design of the secondary real-time alignment mechanism ensures the safety and reliability of the mounting process and improves the yield of the whole machine; 

5. The module position is calibrated with a high-precision grating ruler with a resolution of 0.0005mm, which makes the module repeatable The minimum positioning accuracy can reach 0.001mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy of the entire equipment is less than or equal to 0.01mm, which ensures the assembly quality of electroacoustic products; 

6. The assembly process adopts four heads for independent adjustment and mounting at the same time, with high integration, high precision, and mounting High efficiency; 

7. High-precision pressure sensor can monitor the pressure of the indenter on the product in real time, and apply pressure to the glue evenly and continuously; 

8. It has the functions of online glue quantity detection and online nozzle cleaning;