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Automatic High-speed Precision Placement Equipment

Product introduction: The equipment is mainly used for automatic laminating equipment for buffer film, which integrates automatic loading and unloading, code scanning, height measurement, placement, X/Y re-inspection, NG discharge and other processes.
Application field: 3C electronics industry and related industries used in the placement process of micro components.
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1. Fully automatic loading and unloading mechanism, automatic separation and switching mechanism of material tray, two sets of high-precision linear module handling, greatly improving equipment efficiency;

2. The combination of high-resolution camera and six-axis robot improves the accuracy and stability of placement;

3. The compact winding tape buffer glue feeding mechanism is used to make the structure more compact and improve the placement capacity;

4. The high-precision pressure sensor is used to monitor the pressure of the pressure head on the micro-buffer in real time, to avoid the pressure being too large or too small, and to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each pressure maintenance;

5. The buffer rubber is fed by the winding material belt, which makes the equipment structure compact;

6. The mounting height of the buffer glue is re-detected by high-precision line laser;