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Intelligent pressure maintaining automation equipment

Product introduction: The equipment is suitable for the product (semi-finished mobile phone) after the glue of the mobile phone middle frame and the mobile phone screen is bonded, and the process of curing the glue for a period of time is carried out. It can realize automatic transfer of mobile phone half into the equipment; the pressure-holding box is circulated in the equipment, and the pressure-holding box can be automatically opened and closed.
Application field: Related industries for the application of pressure-holding processes of semi-finished mobile phones.
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1. It can realize automatic loading and unloading of products; 

2. At the same time, visual alignment can realize the assembly of semi-finished mobile phone and pressure-holding box, and realize automatic pressure-holding; 

3. The time of pressure-holding channel can be automatically set and adjusted according to the needs of the process; 

4. It can realize automatic circulation operation in the equipment of the pressure-holding box; 

5. The time of pressure-holding can be recorded by scanning the code, and the MES system such as uploading production data can be realized; 

6. The number of times the pressure-holding box is used can be recorded by scanning the code, The operator can replace and clean the pressure holding box in time to ensure the quality and performance of the pressure holding box;