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Laser Solder Ball Welding Machine

Product introduction: The equipment realizes non-contact solder ball spray welding under small spacing, and has the characteristics of accurate positioning, fast welding, stable quality, small thermal stress, and no cleaning. It is mainly composed of laser system, ball supply system, image recognition and detection system, nitrogen gas It is composed of protection system, mechanism and motion system, computer control system and other systems; it is widely used in the welding of various electronic components, especially for the welding of high-precision products of 3C electronic components.
Application field: The equipment can be widely used in the welding of various electronic components, especially for the welding of high-precision 3C electronic components, such as BGA, VCM (voice coil motor), CCM (camera module), HDD (hard disk drive) and other components .
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1. The ball supply system is equipped with a micro-pressure difference detection function, which realizes automatic ball distribution, automatic detection, and fast and stable supply of various sizes of solder balls;

2. The fiber laser is used to realize rapid soldering of solder balls. The diameter of the ball is suitable for matching the power laser; 

3. The CCD positioning system realizes the precise positioning of the welding position through automatic image recognition; 

4. The motion system uses linear motors and servo motors as the moving elements, with fast movement speed and high stability; 

5. It has the function of automatic cleaning of the welding tip and automatic inspection of the appearance of the welding tip to ensure the welding quality; 

6. The automatic laser centering function of the welding tip can be selected to realize the rapid replacement and calibration of the welding tip; 

7. Dual-channel, parallel CCD positioning and welding mechanism , improve welding efficiency; 

8. PC control system with independent intellectual property rights, to achieve precise control of the whole machine;

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