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Automatic Packaging Production Line

Product introduction: Fully Automatic Packaging Production Line is used for Specification classification , labeling, visual inspection (VMI), inner anti-static bag packaging, Product loading tray, Carton forming, Anti-static bag into carton, The inner tray is loaded into the carton, Carton labeling, Sealing box, packaging, etc.
Application field: Semiconductor, automotive electronics and other industries
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1. According to the production order, take the hard disk out of the Tray, read the QR code information on the hard disk, compare it with the MES information, and put the hard disk that meets the requirements into the conveying system; 

2.Read the QR code twice, send the information to the printer to print the label in real time, and paste it on the corresponding hard disk; 

3. According to the production order, whether a single hard disk needs to be packaged with anti-static bags and flow to different stations; 

4. For specifications that require separate packaging of anti-static bags, carry out anti-static bag packaging; 

5. After passing the test, the hard disk is loaded into the inner packaging tray; 

6. After the inner packaging tray is stacked, it flows to the cartoning machine together, and the whole process can be To achieve information tracking; 

7. The carton is formed by the unpacking machine, and the large anti-static bag is put on, and then flows to the packing machine; 

8. The information on the inner packaging tray read by the packing machine is sent to the real-time printer. , then print out the label, and finally stick it outside the carton; 

9. The packing device puts the inner packaging tray into the carton; 10. The carton, desiccant, etc. are put into the carton in turn according to the needs; 

11. The carton is sorted and scanned in sequence. , sealing, weighing and other processes; 

12. Output finished boxes; 

13. Can be equipped with a palletizing system according to demand; 

14. Can produce products of different specifications and different customers at the same time.

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