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Automation Solution

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Automation Solution

   The World Automation R&D team has strong talent advantages. After more than ten years of practice and development, it has accumulated rich experience in the R&D, assembly and testing of non-standard automation intelligent equipment. 

● The R&D team consists of more than 700 people, mainly including mechanical design, electrical and electronic, software development, vision application, robot application, pre-sales and after-sales engineering teams, of which 67% have "985" and "211" educational backgrounds; 

● World focuses on the in-depth application in the field of automation, with the core advantages of "strong R&D team, efficient flexible custom development, perfect demand testing capabilities, and seamless connection with the industrial Internet", to provide customers with automation solutions, in 3C Electronics, emerging energy, medical food, automotive electronics,and other industries have accumulated a wealth of successful application cases, which have been widely recognized by customers; 

● World automation team promises to win customers with high quality, serve customers with fair prices, promise customers with accurate delivery, and guarantee customers with systematic management.


  • Automatic Film Wrapping Machine

    The equipment uses cold-stretched sleeve film for top-down a···

  • Automatic Three-station Cutting and Stacking Machine

  • Packaging and Shelling Machine

  • Isobaric Liquid Injection Machine

  • Differential Pressure Injection Machine

  • EV Square (Multi-Pole) High Speed Winder